Happen to your day...

Some time ago, my friends at The Legacy Center for Family Business and Entrepreneurship - www.tnlegacy.com - invited me to speak at the local Chick-Fil-A Leadercast in Knoxville, TN. It was a welcome chance to share some personal insight into the world of leadership and individual development. On stage in front of growth-minded business leaders from across East TN, I stumbled upon a phrase. A phrase, as it turned out, that quickly became a concept.

...a concept that quickly became a way of life.

My overall theme was one about managing an otherwise-believed "unmanageable" day. A day that seems to take on a life of its own. John Maxwell famously offered that the success of his day was always a direct result of the plan he'd made for it. I remember the first time I heard him say that and how uneasy it made me feel about my productivity...or lack thereof. Like many, I would enter my day with the best of intentions, eager to accomplish something of significance. Something that would further my personal and professional life. All too often, I would look back on the day and scratch my head thinking, "what did I REALLY accomplish?" In other words, was I ever really in control or was I being controlled? Most of us, if we're truthful with ourselves, probably identify more with the latter.

Enter the phrase that changed it all. In one moment, I challenged the audience to start happening to their day and not the other way around...allowing their day to happen to them. The stage, if you'll pardon the pun, was set. On break, people approached me in earnest, asking specifically about how to gain control again. What tools could they use? How do they start?

In the days and weeks that followed, I felt compelled to create a model that would begin answering their questions. Out of that, H2YD™ emerged -- and its profoundly simple mission to help people Happen to Your (their) Day.

To describe the model in its basic form, I would like to first draw a somewhat unique comparison between time and money. Assuming for the moment that you endeavor to spend your money wisely on both needs and wants. Further assuming you value the money you have/make and that you periodically review your strategies for managing and spending your money. Shouldn't we treat our time the way we treat our money? People who are "smart" with their money do not achieve balance in the traditional understanding; rather, they are constantly balancing. They do not hoard, nor do they give recklessly. Their spending habits are not perfect; nevertheless, they are overwhelmingly purposeful and deliberate.

Dave Ramsey, whose life-transforming work in handling personal finances - www.daveramsey.com - challenges us to name every dollar we spend. Every cent you spend should be done with purpose.

Yes, EVERY cent. Know where it's going before it leaves your wallet.

Again, shouldn't we apply the same diligence to our time?

Unlike money, everyone of us have been given the same EXACT amount...same minutes, same hours, same days...you get the idea. No matter how passionate or industrious we may be, we'll not ever create a day that contains more than 24 hours.

Rather than lament this fact, let's embrace it.

Want to start gaining control of your day? Start by applying the main H2YD™ principle to your time. Every hour of your day should have a name, should have a purpose. Create a simple sheet and list all the hours of the day on it. Beside each hour, or half hour if you prefer, list your intentions. Don't forget the repeatable ones...wakeup and bedtimes, meals, etc. And don't neglect the personal stuff in championing the professional stuff, and vice versa. EVERY objective of every hour. Consider what you value the most. Develop focus areas and pursue them.

Sound difficult? In the beginning it is, just like any other fruitful habit you desire.

Can't do it on your own? No worries - let us help.


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