Modeof8™ is proud to have partnered with a diverse family of clients across a wide span of industries.  From multi-million dollar, international companies to ambitious new startups...leadership coaching does not distinguish bottom lines.  


It remains a crucial element of success for companies large and small. 

Their words...

"Coaching is a very personal endeavor with an essential premise that people must be willing and comfortable to allow themselves to be vulnerable.  Your personality and high level interpersonal skill/emotional intelligence created an environment of comfort an safety where I was willing and eager to engage in the coaching process and be vulnerable."

"...endless supply of valuable resources.  Whatever issue I would bring up, you helped me discover answers that were spot on, easy to understand and indicative of real life examples.  Better than Google!"

"If not specifically for your personal, sincere, heart felt approach, my brother and I would not have reached the level of communication in our business that was desperately needed. You asked the tough questions that WOULD NOT have been asked/addressed without your presence. You allowed us to speak truth in a safe environment, sometimes/many times not comfortable, but safe."

"The incredible depth and diversity of your experiences benefited our team immensely and your coaching style offers a very unique lens to allow our clients to achieve new heights.  Your dynamic personality allowed us to feel increasingly trusting, confident and respectful when working with you one-on-one."

"...helped me identify and qualify my leaders' personalities...what makes them tick...what roles they are best to motivate each leader and utilize their unique gifts to maximum capacity...can now tap into that knowledge/experience base rather easily when we need to.  They quickly earned my confidence and allowed me to hand over my business for 're-tooling' with ease." 

"You provided us an opportunity to truly take a closer look how we lead people.  There are many for whom your outlook, influence, and coaching changed the pivot point of the path they were headed on to the one they chose to take.  You raised our awareness of our individual selves as well as allowed us a holistic look at our org.   This allows us to better identify our gaps and develop an appropriate direction." 

"One of the greatest values that I saw in my Modeof8™ coach was he helped me to come up with specific, personalized “next steps” to take towards growth and the encouragement to make those next steps a reality." 

"Your listening skills are as good as I’ve ever seen.  Your ability to to focus a mess of ideas is astounding.  I felt like I could trust you with my thoughts and ideas from day one.  The relationship felt safe.  You pushed and pulled at the right times.  You have no idea how much you helped our company."