Great leaders create engagement

through a balance of mentoring and coaching.


I'll show you how.

Leaders fail

...when they rely solely on traditional 

management skill sets -- especially in today's 

generationally-diverse work environments.

Without a balance of 

mentoring and coaching skills,

leaders fail to engage...and fail to retain.

Ultimately, a company filled with failed leadership

...well, you can guess.

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Leaders who

mentor and coach,

help their people...

...create and sustain self engagement.


...embrace personal responsibility

and accountability.

......align their individual goals and objectives with the company's mission.

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Chris Coyne

Founder & President

Meet Chris

For over 26 years, military service blessed me with world-class leadership development and experience.  Upon retirement, I formed Modeof8™ out of a passion for sharing what I learned and helping leaders realize their fullest potential...wherever they work and whatever they do. 

We help large companies, small companies, and in-between companies ~ seasoned leaders who can swim and those just trying not to drown.  (Testimonies)

Let me help you create a culture of engagement, 

and become a leader people want to follow.  

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