Understanding Leadership Coaching

Our definition...


Coaching is an art.  


Trite and cliche?  Maybe.   But it's true.  

No two sessions are identical, although success is predicated on using the right approach.  Our SitAcross™ Coaching Model is proven across industry and allows for creativity and individuality to shine, while maintaining the process integrity required to achieve the desired objectives.

Individual coaching

Our coaching experience spans numerous industries, from manufacturing to retail, fast-food to medical offices to construction companies, and many specialities in between.  Rest assured, the faces may change, but the developmental desires of leaders remains the same.  


Individual or team leadership coaching sessions may be booked in weekly or monthly intervals, based on individual need.  

Mentoring vs. coaching...


Let's start by acknowledging these terms are used so interchangeably, it's difficult to distinguish between the two. 


But, if they both play important roles in a successful leader-follower relationship, why is it important to know the difference?


Leadership coaches need to know when to speak and when to listen. When to offer counsel and when to simply ask the right questions. When to take accountability and when to ensure it resides where it should.  

We can help you understand the difference and, more importantly, when to adopt each role.

Create a coaching culture


Want to infuse coaching skills into your organizational culture and shed the need for outside consultants?  We can teach you our "secrets." 

Choose 12 or more of your leaders and let's spend 4 hands-on, interactive hours together learning the art of leadership coaching.


You can also choose a special follow-on option to allow for individual coaching and direct feedback for your newest coaches.